Kim Penny

Telling her life story to ensure teens value theirs

Telling her life story to ensure teens value theirs

Life Holds Value

Suicide should be hard to talk about, because life holds value. The one thing that kept me fighting to recover from my physical, emotional and spiritual brokenness, as a result of a trauma accident I suffered, was the fact that I believed my life held value – I miraculously survived and my recovery took years of rehabilitation.

 “I didn’t walk through my recovery alone, but I did have to take the first step.”

Unfortunately, I have also experienced the loss of close friends to suicide, because they couldn’t see past their pain. I’m on a mission to speak about life and the lessons I have learned, through my own personal journey, to teenagers. My goal is to encourage kids to look past their temporary brokenness and focus on the hope that lies ahead.

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About Me

Kim Penny grew up in Lawrence, Kansas and attended the University of Nebraska on an athletic scholarship. Kim and her husband Jon moved to Durango, Colorado in 2002 to enjoy skiing, mountain biking and exploring as young active newlyweds, when only a year into their marriage, she hit a tree snow tubing backcountry in the Colorado San Juan Mountains. Once Search and Rescue snowmobiled her to safety, she was Life-Flighted to a Level 1 trauma hospital where she began her long journey of healing.

Kim has spent her professional life working in the Finance and Real Estate Industries, but after watching close friends and family mourn the loss of loved ones, she felt convicted to walk away from her career and share her own personal story of overcoming heartache and trauma with the goal of encouraging, even one other person, to focus on the hope that lies ahead and not on their temporary brokenness. She published her book Mountain View in July 2017.

When Kim is not speaking, you can find her playing in the mountains with her twin daughters.


"Kim's message truly allowed for students to speak up about their feelings, not only towards suicide, but also hard seasons or times of life.  It's difficult to find an environment where students are willing to discuss these hard topics, and emotional issues, but Kim created that environment."


SHANELLE, educator

"Kim is very engaging and dynamic when she speaks.  Her content is relatable, straightforward and powerful.  Her message opened up a great time of conversation with students and she loved meeting them where they were at and answering their questions."


PRESTON, counselor

"I highly recommend Kim to speak at any event. She is passionate and personable. Two of the key things that drew our students to talk openly about what has been going on in their OWN lives. Everyone needs to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The kids would have her back in a heartbeat."


REBEKAH, educator

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